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LED lights explained – the pros and cons

Discover how LED light bulbs work, what makes them different to other lighting options and how much money you could save by making the switch.

In comparison to traditional light bulbs, LED lights last a long time before they need to be replaced and use very little energy. Unlike other types of energy-saving bulbs, LEDs are bright from the moment you switch them on – so you don't have to wait in the gloom for them to start working.

What are LED light bulbs?

The main difference between LED light bulbs and other bulbs is the way that they work. Incandescent light bulbs – the old-fashioned type that many of us grew up with – use a thin wire filament which glows when electricity is passed through it. In comparison, LED bulbs pass electricity through a semi-conductor which then emits light energy.

The benefits of LED lighting

  • LEDs are energy efficient. LEDs use approximately 90% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

  • LEDs are long lasting. LED bulbs can last between 25-30 years, depending on the brand that you buy.

  • LEDs produce light instantly. Some other energy-efficient bulbs take a while to 'warm up' after they've been switched on, but LEDs put out a bright light as soon as they're on.

The drawbacks of LED lighting

  • LEDs are more expensive upfront. LED bulbs are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, but you will save money on energy costs and paying for fewer replacements over the lifetime of the product.

  • LED bulb quality can vary. Some LED bulbs are known to perform better than others, and give off less of a 'blue' light. Our electricians have experience with many different brands and will be able to recommend the best LED products for you.

  • LED bulbs may require a special dimmer. If you want to dim your LED lights, you may need to use a particular dimmer which recognises low electrical loads. Our electricians can advise you on this.

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